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At Innovar we're all about small details and high accuracy. With High Precision Cleaning, we provide vital services to leading companies in various sectors of the high-tech industry, such as semicon, OLED and medical. The highly sensitive equipment and components must meet strict cleaning requirements in order to be used in high-tech production environments. We clean and qualify, amongst other with RGA measurements, we assemble and execute cleanroom packaging. Documented and certified. That's how we take care that you'll meet strict requirements.

Leading expertise

Of course, we provide various services tailored to the customers' needs. But our true product is our unique expertise in ultrasonic cleaning, testing and qualification. By constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of our field, we remain at the forefront of the industry. Innovar is even set as a benchmark by leading manufacturers in the high-tech sector. This means you don't need to have all the expertise yourself. All you have to do is just ask us.

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  • Grade 1 to 4 Cleaning
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What defines us at Innovar

Innovar Cleaning Control is a specialist and committed project partner. We provide customized solutions for a special niche: brand manufacturers and suppliers in the high-tech manufacturing industry. We look beyond what is visible to the naked eye. Our people are dedicated, critical of what they do and highly self-directed when it comes to monitoring accuracy. Being simply the best in High-tech Precision Cleaning is what drives us in everything we do.

Why customers choose Innovar:

  • At home in the high-tech OEM chain
  • Certified and Accredited
  • One counter, one Single point of Contact.
  • Leading experts who think along
  • Guarantee of reassurance
  • Effective combination with IPS


A trusted partner for leading customers


"Innovar is actually an extension of our organization. We have been building on their reliable, committed way of working and their high-quality knowledge for years."

A long-standing high-tech customer