Cleaning Capacity Summer Action

Flexibility and delivery reliability

We are remaining active throughout this summer!

The summer holidays often result in a temporary halt or limited capacity for many manufacturing companies due to minimal capacity utilisation. When it comes to accurate cleaning, there is no need to slow down this summer, because Innovar will remain open as usual. Our regular customers can continue to count on us for Precision Cleaning. We are also at your service, even if you are not yet a regular customer!

High Precision Cleaning

Are you looking for High Precision Cleaning (CG 2 Vacuum or higher), i.e. including Bake Out or RGA measurement? Call us to discuss the options available.

Is cleaning not your main focus?

Cleaning in accordance with all requirements requires specialist knowledge, experienced people and access to high-quality equipment. Cleaning is not merely an afterthought for us, but rather a core activity that puts us at the forefront of the high-tech sector. You can access it whenever the situation requires, without the fixed costs and constant care associated with up-to-date knowledge. It is always worth discussing the costs and benefits of outsourcing compared to doing it yourself. Feel free to ask us. We would be happy to take an open and honest look at what is the best option for you.

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Do you have a specific question or would you like to learn more? Please contact Ivo Moerenhout: +31 (0)6 10044919 or send an e-mail message to:

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"Innovar is actually an extension of our organization. We have been building on their reliable, committed way of working and their high-quality knowledge for years."

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