With cleanrooms, Innovar offers the ultra-clean cleaning and qualification you are looking for!

Does your product need to meet strict cleanliness requirements? Innovar cleans your product in accordance with the highest cleanliness requirements, up to even Grade 1 level. We do this automatically, but also manually in our cleanroom. Innovar takes care of it. Demonstrable and traceable.

Optimal cleanliness guaranteed

Strict adherence to cleanliness protocols during the final stages of the production process are critical. Automated, but also manual. This allows us to effectively clean products with complex shapes, of fine detail and hard-to-reach positions. Automated cleaning is done through our state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning line. Manual cleaning is done with special means, but above all with the utmost care. Not all materials are suitable for wet cleaning. We advise per product what the best suitable method is, whether it is a 2mm or 2m part, or everything in between.

Why is a cleanroom important?

A cleanroom is important for several reasons:

  • They ensure the quality of products by minimizing the risk of contamination.
  • They can extend the shelf life of products and improve the safety of products.
  • They are essential in the biotechnology industry, where scientists work with living organisms, including bacteria, viruses and cells, that are susceptible to contamination.
  • They can help reduce waste and environmental pollution because they help avoid the need for corrective actions or recalls.

Innovar; the specialist in the high-tech industry

Innovar is a rapidly growing specialist in services for suppliers and OEMs in the high-tech industry. With experienced specialists we strive for the best service in High Precision Cleaning. This requires knowledge, but above all commitment to the world of our customers and to each other. By challenging and developing ourselves time and again, we are able to push boundaries. We do this together with our committed club of specialists.

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"Innovar is actually an extension of our organization. We have been building on their reliable, committed way of working and their high-quality knowledge for years."

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